Thursday, February 4, 2010

On new dads and conservatives


I got linked to twice yesterday, and now my personal biz is known by hundreds more people.

The first was from my co-worker Joe, who writes a blog about being a new dad: Daddy Dispatches

The second was from my former co-worker Stacy, who appears to be pretty big-shit important on the conservative blogger scene: The Other McCain

I can't imagine there's much cross-pollination of readership from these guys to me -- in fact, the first comment on Stacy's site pretty much sums up what I would assume his readers would think of this blog: "Thanks… there’s 45 seconds I’ll never get back."

But hey, if you're tuning in from Elk City, Okla., and you find this interesting, have at it.

UPDATE: I just figured out that Stacy linked to me as part of his rules for "How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog." The rule that required him to link to me? Rule 5: Everyone loves a pretty girl.

Aww... thanks, Stacy. I'm flattered :)


  1. Hey! I was wandering the interwebs, found a link to TOMC and saw this. I read all your posts and seriously - you life's a freakin adventure. Mad cool. You have a new fan!

  2. Do you want to go out with me? I will give you my phone number. I think I love you.

  3. I definitely would, but we simply wouldn't get it together. Remember your post about the college student? I'm only 18! And I'm nowhere near the DC area besides; I go to SUNY Binghamton (state school in the boonies of NY).

    Of course, I would love to be your friend :D Perhaps we can share some fantastic stories? I've got a couple of good dating ones!

    Find me on facebook!

  4. You TOTALLY did not accept my friend request. Wah wah.

  5. I hadn't gone on facebook until just now! I've been majorly busy.

    Also: you do look a lot like Billie Piper. And I LOVE Dr. Who and Torchwood! If you haven't watched them, you really need to!!! She stars in Torchwood, which spun off of Dr. Who; she started out in that show. I love it! :D


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