Thursday, June 2, 2011

Storytelling, Part 3

* This is the third of a three-part series.


So, yes -- it's true. The seemingly impossible happened: This maven of mating, this guru of going out, this devotee of dating is trading her red Jessica Simpson heels and happy hour bar tab for evenings at home performing completely unnatural acts in my kitchen (I made him chicken marsala, and it was surprisingly delicious -- wait, what were you thinking I meant!?).

After 56 first dates, 214 blog posts, and countless awkward moments, drunken nights, humiliations and heartbreaks, I have a boyfriend.

It may seem strange that I consider that announcement the "denouement" and not the "climax" of the story, but the goal of this blog legitimately was never "to find a boyfriend." I noted in my very first post that it was all about the journey, not the destination.

However, winding and bumpy road that it was, I did arrive eventually. And now that begs the question:  What's going to become of this blog?

My manz has clearly articulated that he does not want to be blogged about, which, as a writer/journalist, pains me a little, but given his day job I completely understand his reservations. Additionally, the piles and piles of messages I get on a daily basis from people intent on telling me what a "miserable cunt" I am (yes, I'm quoting; I'd never write the C-word in here otherwise), make me so despondent I'm not sure how it is that I'm even conscious right now.

This used to be the place I could let it all hang out. Lately, it feels more like my noose. I've barely even wanted to write in weeks.

That said, I've spent so much of the last 18 months of my life seeking out dates, going on dates, thinking about dates, writing about dates, that I'm kind of at a loss for what other topic I could even cover.

I'm the modern-day, foul-mouthed equivalent of Beaumarchais' Cherubin. I'm forever falling in love with love, and I enjoy writing about it.

I've got a few ideas for other blogs, but nothing that feels quite right yet.

Also, who knows if me and the New BF will even go the distance? This fledgling coupledom feels fantastic for the time being, but I of all people know that you can date for the better part of a decade before you figure out you're not right for each other.

Given all of those things, it seems foolish and premature to abandon Date Me, D.C.! altogether.

So if I'm not going on dates and I'm not blogging about my relationship, what do I write? Some have suggested I try my hand at setting people up and writing about the results, like my own version of Date Lab, or follow other people on their dates and write about what I see. I'm not quite sure about either of those options (if you have other suggestions, by all means email me with them).

But the thing is, at the end of the day, I just love telling stories. I will always be writing something.

So if you've enjoyed this blog in any way, this may not be "goodbye" -- just "see you later."

Now I'm going to go text my adorable New BF -- who, in the District of Columbia, the land of Napoleon complexes and every man shorter than the last, is SIX-FOOT-MOTHERFUCKING-SIX.