Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Human Experimentation #6: Mae and Samuel

THE GUY: Samuel is a 31-year-old software engineer whose drink of choice is whiskey. He's 6 feet tall and SUPER CUTE, aka "the Impossible Dreamboat."

THE GAL: Mae is a 30-year-old employed as an editor, but just to pay the bills. She packs her days full with friends, activities and assorted other whimsy.

THE REASON FOR THE MATCH: Mae and Samuel both struck me as extremely social people who would need someone who could match their energy levels. A term that came to my mind was "restless souls," which Mae's best friend confirmed was a description that fit her. And they were both just so cute, I just had to get them together because I felt that they'd have beautiful children.

I kept that last tidbit to myself, though.

THE DATE: Being busy people, Mae and Samuel emailed each other for about a week before their schedules aligned, which Samuel said was kind of nice because he felt like he got to know her a little better. It was Cinco de Mayo, so they wanted to plan something "epic," according to Mae. Samuel ultimately took the lead and suggested meeting for tacos at Sol on H Street Northeast. He told her he had other things planned, but left it "shrouded in mystery for me," she said.

Apparently, they had a very inattentive server, and it took nearly 20 minutes to get a drink. Mae said things were a little awkward at first while they were waiting, and she said Samuel seemed to be counting on getting that drink. But Samuel said that it seemed to work out for the best because they got that time to just talk some more. They used the time to go over all of their "personal stats" -- normal first date stuff -- and got that out of the way. Eventually the wait staff got its shit together and they got a bunch of free margaritas out of the deal.

Sol began to get packed, so Samuel directed the evening over to H Street Country Club, which is one of MY FAVORITE date spots ever. Mini golf is AWESOME. Being the drinking holiday that it was, they both ended up with free shot glasses on necklaces, which Mae got a kick out of. They played two games of mini golf, both of which Samuel won.

His prize?

"I've been instructed to say he has the softest beard ever," said Mae.

Awwww, yeah -- some SMOOCHING!!!!!!!

The duo played skeeball next, which Mae totally dominated, but she forgot to put a bet on it so she didn't get any additional prize from Samuel.

Samuel's final plan had been to take Mae to get pie; she's not a sweets person, however, so they headed to Barrel for a nightcap. Mae tells me there was some additional smooching there. Yippee!

Finally, it was 11:30, so they parted ways.

THE RESULT: Another win! Mae said the date was "a ton of fun and much more interesting than some of the other first dates I've been on." Samuel said that Mae was "really cool. A lot of energy. An amazing smile. Insane skeeball skills."

So where will they go from here?

"We had a lot of fun together, and I think we're both all about getting into adventures," said Samuel. "We are definitely going to see each other again."

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  1. Thats awesome!. You should write follow-up posts on how the second dates go, i haven't seen any of those yet and only a couple success experimentation dates.


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