Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Apologies for absenteeism

Hey, friends! Just a quick post to say I'm not dead -- just super busy. I do most of my writing on weekends, and I've been out of town/otherwise fully occupied during the past five of them.

I will return soon, I promise! Just need to get to a weekend where I don't have a million things going on. Oh, and I need to get our wedding venue booked, too... Did you guys know that shit around here is already booked through September 2015?! That is INSANE to me. Wedding planning is for the birds.

Anyway, point is, I'll have new posts up next week. See you then!


  1. I feel your pain! My fiance and I had to book our venue 18 months in advance. It's crazy. The other vendors are a bit easier.

  2. Oh hey..the charts are back!.

  3. I feel your pain as well. I had planned to get married this October, but everything was booked up for 2014. Our schedules were such that getting married in the spring of 2015 wasn't going to happen and neither of us wanted a summer wedding, so now we're getting married in October of 2015. On the plus side, having a longer engagement gives you much more flexibility and time to plan the wedding and make sure you get everything you want. I also like the benefit of having longer to pay for everything.


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