Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oh hey there, blog...

So, about that posting "next week" thing I wrote in my last entry... yeah, sorry. Things picked up at work, and I went on vacation to Germany. Basically, life got in the way of blogging!

In any case, here's a quick list of things going on with me:

- I recently had a first double date with my new friend Christy and her fiance, Ryan. It was a lot of fun, and I learned that apparently on the TV show "Scandal," there was a plotline where a Washington blogger who wrote about having affairs with congressmen and other high-profile movers and shakers got killed. It was apparently said that that character's blog was "kind of like Date Me, D.C.!" 

I had to laugh at that -- I assure you, I have never dated anyone of any importance. If anything, all my dates were decidedly unimportant people (save for in their own minds...ahem). Probably the highest profile person I ever went out with was Ben Tribbett, who recently made D.C. headlines for being hired by the Redskins to blog about how great the team name is but quit after two weeks

**I feel the need to reiterate that he paid $250 to go out with me. Moving on.

- R and I have a wedding date! We'll be getting hitched on Sept. 19, 2015, right here in D.C. I'm pretty super psyched about this. Check out the weather on that date for the past three years:

Just awesome.

I don't really plan on blogging about the wedding planning process -- that seems desperately boring. If anything of particular note happens, I might write about it, but for the most part I think I'll keep that offline.

- I have no idea why the pictures in the navigation bar above keep screwing up. I'm working on fixing them.

I'm working on writing a few blog posts right now, and I hope to be back more regularly in the next few weeks. You can help me to do that in the following ways:

1. Ask me questions via emails to or anonymously by clicking here!

2. Send me other suggestions for things you'd like to see being written about!

On that note, onward!


  1. Holy shit. I'm emailing you...

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  3. You are getting married about a month before me! My wedding is set for October 17th. Hopefully the weather will be beautiful for both of us! Are you planning an outdoor wedding?

  4. Happy wedding! I also long for the wedding with my man :)

  5. Very nice, wish to find a date in my area here in Israel...

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